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Sendoso joins the Outreach Galaxy: Take your B2B Gifting Out of this World

Here at Sendoso, we help sales teams rise above the noise and elevate their relationships with prospects through B2B gifting. We know prospecting into accounts is hard and catching their attention is even harder, but Sendoso’s fully integrated solution leverages automation and logistics so companies can easily source, store, ship, ...


Behind the Sends: The Anatomy of a Direct Mail Company

A big part of our mission at Sendoso is to take the standard for direct mail companies to the next level. That's why we offer a number of professional services to our customers free of charge. To help understand how we ensure success when our customers work with a direct mail company, we put together this easy-to-follow infographic.


How to Pick the Perfect Sales Prospecting Gift

We get it: Coming up with the right sales prospecting gift can be tough. Research shows that the best sales prospecting gift is a personalized one. Targeting customers on a one-to-one basis increases response rates by up to 50% or more. What’s more, 96% of digital marketers say personalization advances ...


Direct Mail Unboxed: Golden Llama from Lessonly [Video]

In this episode of Unboxed, we received the golden llama award—an award given to ideal team players and companies around the world. The golden llama arrived with a handwritten note and a card explaining what the golden llama symbolizes.

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